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Social Anxiety

Esse texto foi criado para minha aula de redação acadêmica.

In our society, social anxiety is the most common psychological disease in young adults due to little face-to-face interaction. Many people do not know how to react when confronted with new acquaintances. In parties, for example, you can identify the socially anxious people by the embarrassment on their faces. Why would people be so anxious about meeting others?

Right from the start, getting to know other people is weird because you never know if you should kiss or shake hands with the person you have just met, so you stare at the person for some seconds trying to distinguish which move they will make. After that moment is over, an awkward silence follows since you do not know anything about the person in front of you, which makes it impossible to engage in any interesting conversation topics.

Worse than interacting with one person interacting with two or more people, which can be a real problem because most of the time you are paying attention to one of them while actively ignoring the others. Besides, conversation topics usually change too quickly and you end up losing track of what is happening around you, which makes you listen a lot more than you speak. Not to mention that you always feel like you are behaving awkwardly in comparison to others and start being afraid of not acting as people would expect or approve. You worry that you are always saying the wrong thing and that feeling only worsens when you realise that even though you have no one to talk to in a crowded place nobody comes to your aid.

If you think about it, most people have endured some anxiety symptoms during social gatherings. All the uncomfortable situations, from not knowing whether to kiss someone or not, to feeling alone in a crowd are not strange to us so we should always try to reassure people around us to ease their anxiety. 

Se você se identificou com o texto comenta aí! :)

Até a próxima!

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